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De Himalaya ™ is  one stop provider for all your travel needs and requirements for the trip across Himalayas (Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet). This company is founded by professional founders with vast experience in the fields of trekking, expeditions, religious and cultural tours with tailor made itineraries  and is labeled as is  leading, innovative, and highly efficient travel & trekking Company in the tourism sector of Nepal.


De Himalaya ™ is affiliated to Travel Pinto and specialize in making tours a multi-dimensional affair. Especially when traveling far and cross national boundaries: People, languages, cultures, food, music, art – each of them adds a rich flavor to client experience. While our emphasis is on hiking and climbing, to ensure ample opportunities for our clients to encounter and appreciate other dimensions of the route and destination.

De Himalaya ™ provides personal attention to each customer before and during a trip. We arrange information and priming session for our customers so that they are better prepared to enjoy and succeed during the actual trip. In the course of such preparation, we also enable and encourage networking among the group members for a trip. This bonding exercise helps immensely in the preparation for the trip and during the actual hike. We understand that much cherished and long lasting relations are made on the slopes of a mountain.

Our guides are well prepared to tackle adverse situations should they arise during a trip. Local guides when used are also screened and briefed to ensure that our guests have the best possible experience while on a trip with us. We cherish diversity in a trip. We believe that the joy and thrill of trekking and climbing should be accessible to anyone with the will to climb. We therefore try to accommodate diverse requests from our guests related to health, age, food restrictions or preferences etc.

De Himalaya ™ provide guidance and assistance on any aspect of a trip while you are preparing mentally and physically for the same. For us each trip with each customer is a journey that commences well before the actual trip and goes far beyond the date of return. We are  providing  all the best hotels, tourist spots and necessary papers . We pride ourselves in being fast and efficient.

Our mission

Each trip is critical for us, consequently we, not as it were ease your booking handle but go much past that, our item and open air groups hand minister neighborhood providers and action suppliers, and after that work exceptionally closely with them to guarantee that each of our clients gets a delightful encounter.

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